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Lindfield Coffee Works coffee and homemade cake

Coffee & Cake

Lindfield Coffee Works Coffee:

The best coffee around. Roasted locally. Brewed to perfection.

Pedal Bites Nutrition Company:

100% bespoke handmade cycling nutrition products designed for on and off the bike activities.
Gluten free, vegan friendly and with no added sugars!

Other Energy & Recovery Products:

We also stock Cliff Bars, Nakd Bars, SIS Hydration Tabs, Energy Gels and Recovery Shakes.

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The best coffee, pastries, cakes and healthy snacks for people on the go...

Fresh Coffee

Lindfield Coffee Works:

Here at (n+1) our mission is to source, roast and brew only the finest quality coffees and educate, train and inform those that prepare and consume them.

The quality of our green unroasted coffee is integral to every step of this process and is why our coffee sourcing policy is driven by quality and forging direct relationships.

All of our coffees are lovingly grown and nurtured by talented and professional farmers then purchased directly by our import partner at fair and sustainable prices significantly higher than the Fair Trade minimum.

We believe that by encouraging the growers to invest in the production of specialty grade coffee they are ensured a continuing and sustainable market for their product and paid a specialty grade price for it.

This approach is reflected through our entire coffee production; from roasting, blending and packaging to quality control, staff training and machine maintenance we believe that quality and hard work will always shine through.

Our Milk

Fresh and cultured dairy products professionally made on the farm.

The milk for our coffee comes from a farm-based dairy situated in the parish of Northiam, on the border between Kent and Sussex.

Our milk all comes from cows living in Sussex or Kent. Much coming from our own cows, the balance we source direct from neighbouring farms.

They have been processing milk since the early 1980’s. They aspire to produce the finest dairy products in a professional fashion.

Pastries & Homemade Cakes

Fresh pastries get dropped off every morning along with homemade cakes and delicious nutritious snacks like flapjacks and energy bars.

Get down early enough to grab a warm pastry and set yourself up for a great day. 


Fruit Smoothies

If you're not a coffee-head or fancy something fruity then check out our freshly made fruit smoothies.

Made from freshly whizzed up fruit / vegetables to deliver a tasty and refreshing vitamin packed punch!

Add a shot of protein for recovery or some of our detox or energy blend.